A worldwide community of Truth Seekers

Truth Seekers are the leaders we build using Leadership Strength Training.

The Truth Seekers Community.

The concept of a worldwide, virtual community to help those who want to grow, become as certain about the language, process, and metrics of leadership, as they are certain that 7+3=10 has been on our drawing board for a while now. The community is sponsored by the Authentic Leadership Foundation that funds and delivers leadership strength training programs for youth, educators, and adults, but you don't have to be involved in it to be a member of the community. The goal is to create a place for collaboration and to support and lift each other up while building our leadership strength. 

A Community of Strong Leaders

We have a shared 'greater purpose' to build authentic leaders at the service of mankind and save the world. A significant goal is to build these leaders at scale using this hosted app that gives us an unparalleled way to communicate with each other.

It's Time To Lead

You are free to choose to lead like Christ, or not.  The one thing you cannot do is to change God's will for you or pretend it does not exist. 

To say “yes” to this invitation is to say yes to the path of greatest happiness. It is also the path to the greatest good for the world. This invitation to join is also a challenge. The promise of an easy life is not one of the promises of God, in fact, your choice to be "all in" is to lay everything down for the sake of others in obedience to God the Father. “Not my will, but thy will be done.”

Ready? Join Us.

Join us if you desire to achieve a life of peace, success, and a deep sense of purpose. This may be the place for you if you need support, the collective wisdom, and comradery that comes from a large group of growth-minded leaders and trusted advisors to help you along the path to success and greater sanctity.