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The Truth Seekers Community.

We've built a community with 225+ people committed to getting better.

A short-coming of traditional leadership training is its short-sighted nature. It's often about techniques that lack a connection to virtue. To make personal growth education feasible, we have created a community of people committed to getting better through the Authentic Leadership Foundation’s education program that have the intention of helping new partners get off the ground.

Thought Leaders

ALF community members are influencers in multiple disciplines and have access and reach that is invaluable to all our partners.

Engaged & Curious

Our community is engaged and curious, helping us make increasingly better decisions as we engage them in growing ALF.

Advocates of Our Mission

Our community is an advocate for our mission, with patient members waiting for long term processes to be developed and the value of those processes to be unlocked.

Long-Term Focus

This long-term nature of our community member base is key to building value and stability for an early-stage partner.